Robbi Jade Lew made headlines this past month for her all-in call against Garrett Adelstein which resulted in an unprecedented $269,000 pot on live stream poker.


Though her decision was bad from a strategic perspective, it would be inaccurate to accuse Lew of cheating; she’s an amateur player and is subject to making mistakes from time to time.

About Robbi Jade Lew

Robbi Jade Lew is an American poker player specializing in high-stakes games. She has won several tournaments and become a well-known figure within the poker community. Additionally, she has worked in other areas; serving as former biopharmaceuticals account manager. Currently she resides in Pacific Palisades of Los Angeles.

She gained notoriety for her famous hand against Garrett Adelstein at Hustler Casino Live livestream in September. It triggered accusations of cheating and caused much debate across the web.

Controversy surrounding her hand at Phil Hellmuth’s table stemmed from her making two pair on the river against his pocket eights – which quickly went viral – which became one of the most-talked-about incidents in poker history. But it should be remembered that this hand wasn’t illegal; an investigation revealed no indications of wrongdoing by either side.

Her background

Robbi Jade Lew is an American poker player in her late 30s who is currently single and earning money through various means such as brand endorsement, commercials, modeling and her passion for poker.

She began playing poker for fun during the COVID-19 pandemic and soon realized her aptitude for it. She quickly organized home games and hired two major-name coaches to further improve her game; additionally she competes in tournaments and online.

Last month, she won a $269,000 pot from Garrett Adelstein during a live-streamed cash game, prompting accusations of cheating and making her one of the most divisive figures in poker.

She categorically denied allegations of cheating. Additionally, she strongly criticised High Stakes Poker Productions for not responding immediately; since then they have fired an employee named Bryan Sagbigsal and are promising transparency with regards to the findings of their investigation which may result in further people being fired from employment.

Poker career

  • Robbi Jade Lew is a poker player who worked at Hustler Pharmaceuticals.
  • She won an unfavorable hand against Garrett Adelstein during a high stakes game hosted by Hustler Casino Live.
  • The hand went viral and was subject to much debate online.

Robbi Jade Lew is an up and coming poker player from her days as biopharmaceuticals manager at Hustler Pharmaceuticals, making headlines when she won an unfavorable hand against Garrett Adelstein during a high stakes live-streamed high stakes game hosted by Hustler Casino Live and making headlines around the internet for it. That hand quickly went viral and was subject to much debate online.

Adelstein claims she was duped despite an investigation conducted by Hustler Casino that exonerated Lew of any cheating, alleging someone from the stream knew about his hand and its contents. As such, Adelstein demanded she return the $135,000 that was won from her but Lew has refused.

Lew’s action provoked widespread condemnation, yet she remains committed to playing poker despite harsh critics and hopes to use her newfound fame to bring more positive attention to a sport she sees as having too many masculine gatekeepers.

Cheating allegations

While both chess and tennis have seen their share of scandal, poker has quickly become the new ground for cheating allegations. One incident which caused shockwaves through the poker community involved Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew, as Lew made an astounding call of “jack high”, sparking shock and outrage within their respective communities.

Hustler Casino Live in Gardena, California witnessed an incident where Lew was accused of cheating to win his pot – yet upon further examination by authorities there has been no indication of wrongdoing or cheating on his part.

Lew has denied these allegations of cheating and has indicated her willingness to submit to a polygraph test in order to demonstrate this innocence. Even without evidence of wrongdoing, players continue to accuse her of cheating; particularly her ruby ring that has become the focus of conspiracy theories and abuse from players.

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