Amanda Leatherman: From Poker Player to Renowned Host and Personality


Amanda Leatherman is an esteemed TV personality and poker hostess. She rose to prominence after co-hosting the World Poker Tour televised poker series and serving as Poker News reporter, covering tournaments around the globe.


She is married to Daniel Negreanu, also known as Kid Poker, an esteemed poker player renowned for his prowess on the tables. Their relationship has brought much happiness and pride amongst fans and followers of both parties involved.

Amanda Leatherman’s Career in Poker

Amanda Leatherman has become one of the more notable poker players due to her work as a host. The gorgeous blonde has long been part of the poker community and can often be seen attending major events. Additionally, she hosted Big Game Poker Show for several seasons and excels at conducting interviews and encouraging fellow poker players.

She has many fans and followers who follow her progress, rooting for her to settle down. Finally, it seems she has met someone to fulfil that wish – Daniel Negreanu is considered one of the world’s premier poker players, and has made clear his feelings towards her as part of an agreement to make their relationship work.

Although Kid Poker has had multiple relationships in the past, most did not last. He dated several girls and shared WSOP VLOGs with them – all temporary affairs in his case. But things may have changed this year as “Kid Poker” plans on marrying Leatherman!

She hails from America and was born August 7, 1984 as an Aries. Her father was an ex-fireman, while his brother is an established professional poker player. While not much is known about her early life, we can say she is ambitious and hard working woman.

Amanda Leatherman is married to Daniel Negreanu

Amanda Leatherman from the film Detention has now tied the knot with Daniel Negreanu aka Kid Poker! On Friday 17th May at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California they held their big wedding celebration with guests like Maria Ho, Antonio Esfandiari, Frank Kassela and Jeff Madsen as guests of honor.

Negreanu and Leatherman have been together since 2010. He first dated Leatherman back in 2010, and the two reignited their romance in 2018. On New Year’s Eve 2018, the couple got engaged. Since then, the two have shared many memorable moments together. Prior to Leatherman and Negreanu being together, Negreanu was involved with Marissa Rachelle Rodney; however they broke up after 2014 due to differences and also for getting involved too quickly with someone. Negreanu later claimed he made the mistake of entering into too quickly a relationship and expressed hopes that his second marriage would prove more successful.

Amanda Leatherman has a net worth of $50 million

Amanda Leatherman is an American television personality married to poker pro Daniel Negreanu. She has become one of the faces of TV poker shows with an estimated net worth of $50 Million and has long served as hostess for various TV poker shows.

She rose to fame in 2008 after joining co-hosting of the World Poker Tour – an annual television version of poker games – as co-host. Though she did not practice professionally herself, she conducted interviews with poker players during events hosted by WPT.

Leatherman is known for her cheerful disposition and charming personality. As a television presenter, she has earned herself quite the following. Despite being short in height, she keeps in shape through regular exercises and healthy food choices; her blonde locks add an irresistible charm. Leatherman and Negreanu have been married for many years; together they share one daughter. Their marriage remains strong as both enjoy living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle together.

Amanda Leatherman is a hostess

Amanda Leatherman

Amanda Leatherman is an emerging poker ambassador, dedicated to spreading awareness of the game via interviews and videos. In North Carolina she hosts a morning show for Star 104.3 radio station; starting part-time hosting duties for Heartland Poker Tour events since 2015.

On New Year’s Eve, Daniel Negreanu presented Amanda Leatherman with his proposal and she gladly accepted it!

Although Amanda has always had an interest in poker, she never took it seriously as a playing sport. With her interviewing skills and lively personality, Amanda makes for an excellent poker host. Her interviewing skills make her comfortable on camera and in front of the microphone; her celebrity crush being David William Duchovny who she watches Californication for pleasure; being born August 7th makes her a Leo sign that mirrors her zestful approach to life where partying hard is nothing to fear!

Amanda Leatherman is a model

Amanda Leatherman is a model and young poker ambassador who has quickly made her mark in the industry. Frequently seen on television encouraging players and interviewing them online, as well as reporting for poker news and online tournaments, Amanda has quickly established herself.

She has an avid interest in astrology and believes her birth date of August 7th makes her a Leo. She was raised in a Christian family and has one brother named Todd; no information regarding parents or education background have been made available yet but we will keep our readers up-to-date when this becomes available.

She leads an active social life and is frequently hosting events for friends and colleagues. Her hobbies include traveling, watching movies and poker; she is renowned for her sexy looks – making Liv Boeree her fierce competitor when it comes to being sexy poker models! – and both enjoy meeting up with professional Poker players for casual conversations and engaging them in conversation.

Quick Summary

  • Born on March 7, 1978 in New Jersey.
  • Started as World Poker Tour hostess, played professionally.
  • Earned over $50K in poker tournaments.
  • Hosted other shows like The Big Game and National Heads-Up Poker Championship.
  • Has done modeling and acted in music videos and commercials.
  • Married to Daniel Negreanu.
  • Strong social media following with 45K+ Instagram and 36K+ Twitter followers.
  • Popular in poker community for being friendly and engaging.

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