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The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has undergone various drastic transformations throughout its history. Perhaps the most profound transformation occurred in 1978 when prize money was divided for the first time allowing winners to claim multiple bracelets at once.


However, many believe poker’s popularity may have peaked, possibly as a result of federal crackdowns or due to short attention spans of young people.


Benny Binion was inspired by their Reno tournament to launch the World Series of Poker the following year at his casino in Las Vegas.

In 1970, the World Series of Poker made its inaugural run featuring multiple poker variants and cash games. Over time it evolved into its current form: $10,000 no-limit hold’em championship with Doyle Brunson being one of its early champions before going on to write Super System, his best-selling guide of poker strategy.

After Benny Binion passed away, his son Jack assumed management of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Jack brought in two experienced poker veterans – Jim Albrecht and Jack McClelland – as event managers. These men instituted changes that improved both structure and public perception of the WSOP; among them included taking into account all open events for Player of Year awards instead of just taking into account its main event alone – an initiative intended to make it more accessible for everyday players.


Tournament play requires paying an entry fee and receiving tournament chips, which do not have any cash value and must remain on the table. Depending on how the tournament structure, including number of entrants and rate of blind escalation, these chips determine how much money each player wins; those remaining until a certain percentage has been eliminated win part of its prize pool, commonly referred to as first place prizes.

Players should always act to safeguard the interests of their opponents and must wait to discuss discarded cards or possible hand combinations until after each hand has concluded before engaging in dialogue about potential cards or combinations that have been discarded or possible hands until after play has concluded. Any player found breaking this rule may receive either verbal warnings or be disqualified from the tournament altogether.

All betting is conducted clockwise from the button unless otherwise stated. A “main pot” is created when two or more players make all-in bets for an equal amount; when another amount is raised from this main pot, an “side pot” forms; its winner determined by having the player who started out with the lowest chip count settle it first before proceeding to settle the main pot.


The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the world’s premier gaming events, having awarded more than $2.99 billion in prize money over time and offering its gold bracelet prize as an emblematic trophy of sporting achievement. Held annually across dozens of cities worldwide and online platforms alike, this global event provides unparalleled entertainment value.

This year’s Main Event field was the second-largest ever, though not quite equaling 2006’s record field of 8,663. That figure equates to an estimated prize pool of nearly $80.8 million in no-limit Hold’em tournaments.

The winner of the Main Event at WSOP will walk away with not only an impressive prize pool of $10 Million but also become part of an exclusive club of World Champions – this incredible reward makes many poker enthusiasts strive to be among the winners! Furthermore, as this tournament uses freezeout rules – once your chips have been lost you cannot reenter – it makes this event all the more popular among poker enthusiasts.


WSOP takes place across Las Vegas at various venues equipped with various amenities to accommodate players and spectators alike. Some venues feature large poker rooms while others may provide more intimate settings; those featuring larger rooms may host up to 2,200 participants while smaller venues can hold as little as 1,000.

The 2003 World Series of Poker was an inflection point in poker’s popularity, when Tennessee accountant Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event and launched an unprecedented poker boom that led to a new generation of young, professional poker players emerging. This trend continues today as even gambling subculture has attracted mainstream corporate sponsorships.

WSOP has earned a reputation for drawing in big names and sparking controversy, like when Stu Ungar established himself in New York’s Lower East Side as one of the best ace gin rummy players before transitioning his skills to poker – winning the WSOP Main Event in 1980.

Women’s events

As its name suggests, the World Series of Poker Ladies Tournament is a women-only poker event and one of the largest events during the series. Additionally, its buyin is one of the lowest among all women’s events – online satellites are running between June 14-19 for you to win your seat for as little as $10!

The Women’s World Series of Poker Ladies Championship (WSOP Ladies Championship) brings together many of poker’s finest female players. Additionally, it provides an invaluable opportunity for women players to meet other poker players and form relationships among themselves. For some women attending their first live tournament experience – often filled with men – attending this tournament can be daunting and intimidating; to combat some of this anxiety you can read up on tournament rules beforehand and learn the ropes.

At the 2023 World Series of Poker Ladies Championship, 1,295 players registered – an unprecedented record high! Bernice McLennan led with 1,053, followed by Ruth Hall and Karina Jett at day end. Kristie Ogilvie and Laura Westfall busted early, before Tamar Abraham doubled through Shiina Okamoto to double up and take over as leader shortly thereafter; then quickly eliminated Tara Cain with her Ace-Queen against Cain’s King-King combination in an all-in preflop pot with Tara Cain’s all-in preflop ace-queen against Tara Cain with their Ace-Queen defeating Cain’s all-in preflop with her Ace-Queen beating Cain’s Kings on an all-in preflop pot!

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