A Man Beat Up His Wife in Bet Bet and Forced Her to Sleep With Another Man


Muslim men engaging in the practice known as ‘nikah halala’ place their wives at stake to win bets; when they lose, however, they force their spouses to sleep with another man instead of sleeping with them themselves.


As reported by Bihar police, one man bet his wife while gambling and allowed his friends to rape her after losing. To further insult his victim, he then used acid on her in an apparent bid to purify her.

A man in Bihar forced his wife to have sex with his friends

Bihar man, Anil and Arun were reported as betting their wives during a poker game and when one lost, allowed Anil and Arun to rape her after she lost. According to reports, Anil then used acid on her before throwing it on her, telling his friends they did it “to purify her”. Luckily she managed to flee his house before reaching her maternal uncle’s place to tell about what had happened.

Police have arrested the husband for his obscene conduct and are currently conducting an investigation into this matter. The victim alleges that her husband tortured her physically and psychologically until she agreed to meet his sexual demands, sending nude photos and videos via social media channels, drugging her for unnatural sex sessions with his friends.

The victim has been taken to hospital and the accused husband, Sonu Harijan, taken into custody and an FIR filed. She alleges that Sonu threatened to kill her if she did not abide by his demands; when she refused sexual relations he threw acid onto her as the only means of purifying her. Since leaving his house she has been living with her in-laws.

A man in Noida forced his wife to make physical relationships with three of his friends

Horror tales come to life! According to NDTV, one man from Jaunpur bet his wife while gambling with two friends and an uncle; upon losing the game they forced the woman into submission while committing gang rape; she later fled with him seeking forgiveness at her uncle’s home.

The wife claims she went to her friend’s home under the pretense of taking some tablets for an illness, but after taking them her mind began racing. When she came back down off the drugs she realized what had happened until waking up naked on the bedroom floor. According to her account, the man threatened suicide if she ever approached law enforcement – however determined to seek justice she reached out to Muslim civil rights campaigners for assistance filing a rape case against him.

Twitter users praised the woman for speaking up against her husband and taking action herself, while others advised her to let sleeping dogs lie and forget the whole issue. What do you think – should she confront him or leave it be? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

A man in Zimbabwe lost his wife in a football bet

After entering into a bet with his betting partner on who would win the Manchester Derby, one Tanzanian man, Amani Stanley (presumably supporting Manchester City ) agreed to give up his unnamed wife as part of a hand written agreement should his team lose. Shilla Tony ( supporting Manchester United ), agreed in case their team lost and given them his wife in exchange for payment should their team lose. The hand written document has gone viral online with wide sharing by social media users alike.

Thulile Bhebhe, who faked her husband’s death to collect nearly PS400,000 in life insurance payouts from life insurers, walked free from court after a judge found she was “in dire financial straits”.

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